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CanTone visited the Kowloon Mosque! (26/9)🕌

CanTone is incredibly honoured to have been invited by HOME Centre, to visit the Kowloon Mosque on Sep 26🕌. We had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Muhammad Arshad, the Chief Imam, and Mr. Muhammad Shoaib, the Imam of Kowloon Mosque.

They expressed appreciation about what CanTone is doing and pledged their full support for us, which fills us with gratitude.🙏🏻

We are excited to embark on further collaborations with them, includes conducting storytelling events at the Kowloon Mosque - a unique blend of culture, education, and community engagement.❤️ We believe this would be a significant achievement for CanTone and a step forward in our mission 🚀.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming events! 🔥


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