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AI Multicultural Inclusive Chinese Learning Program

Offering In-School Storytelling and Festival-Themed Classes with AI Tools to Teach Cantonese to Non-Chinese Speaking Students

  • This program is dedicated to using AI technology to provide a multicultural and linguistically inclusive learning environment for non-Chinese speaking children.

  • 本計劃致力於利用AI技術,為非華語學童提供一個多元文化和語言共融的學習環境。

In-School Storytelling Classes

  • Our storytelling classes combine engaging stories with Cantonese learning using AI tools, enhancing the children’s interest and proficiency in the language.

  • 我們的故事班使用AI工具,將有趣的故事和廣東話學習相結合,提高學童的語言興趣和能力。

Festival-Themed Classes

  • Through festival-themed classes, students will not only learn Cantonese but also gain understanding and experience of different cultural celebrations.

  • 透過節日主題班,學童不僅能學習廣東話,還能了解和體驗不同的文化節慶。

  • 如果您想讓您的學校參與我們的計劃,或希望了解更多信息,請聯繫我們。

  • If you would like your school to participate in our program or wish to learn more, please contact us.


Success Stories

Ali was initially very quiet in class because he was afraid of making mistakes in Cantonese. The AI interactive games from CanTone helped him practice in a stress-free environment, gradually building his confidence. After class, Ali became more willing to speak in Cantonese and also shared his thoughts confidently in class.

Ali's Progress - From Silence to Expression


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