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About CanTone

CanTone is a forward-thinking social venture established in 2023 that stands at the intersection of technology and education. Driven by a multilingual and dynamic team that not only has years of experience in education and software development, but also a shared vision of inclusivity and empowerment for ethnic minority (EM) children, our goal is to establish a comprehensive platform for ethnic minorities to learn Chinese, thereby enhancing their educational prospects and social integration.


CanTone was awarded the SIE Seed Fund in 2023, which supports us to develop a Cantonese vocab learning app with AI functions and 4 EM languages, targeted at EM kindergarten children. We also collaborated with over 10 NGOs to co-organise different events, benefiting over 120 EM children, reaching approximately 800 EM users in total. 




我們已開發並推出了提供AI詞彙學習的CanTone App,並且於第一階段已用於多個工作坊中使用,獲得了正面和熱烈的反應。


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