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Diversity Youth Leadership and Integration Ambassador
Training Program

我們的使命 Mission Statement

  • CanTone計畫致力於連結本地中學生和少數族裔學生,塑造下一代青年領袖,透過文化和語言交流,促進理解和尊重,培養共融與多元價值觀。

  • CanTone is dedicated to bridging local secondary students and ethnic minority students, shaping the next generation of youth leaders by fostering understanding and respect, inclusivity and diversity.

計劃概覽 Program Overview

  • 該計劃分為三個主要環節,包括「真人圖書館」,義工培訓,最終通過親身體驗式的義工經歷,本地學生將直接與少數族裔兒童互動。

  • The program is divided into three key sessions, including "Human Library" Event, Volunteer Training for storytelling and teaching with CanTone App, culminating in a hands-on volunteer experience where local students will engage directly with EM children.

正面影響 Positive Impacts

增強溝通能力 (Enhanced Communication):

  • 參與者常來自不同背景。 與來自不同文化和社區的人交流,提高了溝通技巧,這對於有效領導至關重要。

  • Participants in the program often come from diverse backgrounds. Engaging with people from different cultures and communities improves communication skills, which are essential for effective leadership.

​同理心與情緒智商 (Empathy and Emotional Intelligence):​

  • 與少數群體合作並理解他們的故事,培養了同理心,這是領導者與他們希望領導的人建立聯繫和理解其需求的重要特質。

  • Working with minority groups and understanding their stories develops empathy, an important trait for leaders to relate to and understand the needs of the people they aim to lead.

​​解決問題的能力 (Problem-Solving Skills): ​

  • 面對和解決跨文化環境中的挑戰,磨練參與者以批判性和創造性的思維方式解決問題。

  • Encountering and addressing challenges, especially in a cross-cultural setting, hones participants’ abilities to think critically and creatively solve problems.

​​建立自信 (Confidence Building): ​

  • 透過擔任大使角色和責任,學生在必須做決定和領導倡議的位置上建立自信。

  • By taking on ambassadorial roles and responsibilities, students build self-confidence as they are placed in positions where they must make decisions and lead initiatives.

團隊合作 (Teamwork and Collaboration): ​

  • 這類專案通常需要團隊合作。 參與者學習如何協作,這是成功領導的關鍵面向。

  • Programs like this often require teamwork. Participants learn to work collaboratively, which is a key aspect of successful leadership.

指導和教練 (Mentoring and Coaching): ​

  • 教導和指導EM兒童使用CanTone App等,培養了指導技能,這是有效領導的一部分。

  • Teaching and guiding others, such as the EM children in the use of CanTone App, develops mentoring skills which are a part of being an effective leader.

  • 如果您想讓您的學校參與我們的計劃,或希望了解更多信息,請聯繫我們。

  • If you would like your school to participate in our program or wish to learn more, please contact us.


Success Stories

Rizwana, a young woman from an ethnic minority, was determined to overcome the social and linguistic barriers her community faced. She became a CanTone Ambassador, helping to conduct Cantonese learning activities that bridged cultural gaps and empowered her community. Displaying exceptional leadership and empathy, Rizwana excelled in connecting with EM children. Her talents were recognized by NGO, leading to a great job offer.

Rizwana's Rise

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