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AI Chinese Story
Co-Creation Program

計劃介紹 (Program Introduction)

  • 文匯創融.AI中文故事共創計劃是一個專為提升學生創意與語言技能而設計的平台。每年四次,我們邀請NGO和學校推薦的學生,特別是來自少數族裔和本地背景的學生,組成多元化團隊。CanTone提供專業的AI工具教育課程,幫助學生運用人工智能共創故事。

  • The CanTone - AI Chinese Story Co-Creation Program is a platform specifically designed to enhance students' creativity and language skills. Four times a year, we invite students recommended by NGOs and schools, especially from ethnic minority and local backgrounds, to form diverse teams. CanTone provides professional AI tool education courses to help students co-create stories with artificial intelligence.

計劃特點 (Program Highlights)

​多元組隊 (Diverse Teaming):

  • 少數族裔與本地學生結成團隊,共同學習與創作,促進文化交流和理解。

  • Ethnic minority and local students team up to learn and create together, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

AI工具教學 (AI Tools Training):

  • CanTone提供AI工具的專業培訓,使學生能夠掌握故事創作的新科技。

  • CanTone offers professional training in AI tools, enabling students to master new technology for story creation.

​創意發展 (Creative Development):

  • 學生利用AI工具創作故事,發揮無限創意和想象力。

  • Students use AI tools for story creation, unleashing their unlimited creativity and imagination.

​專家評審 (Expert Judging):

  • 大學教授參與評審,提供專業評價。

  • University professors participate in the judging, providing professional evaluations.

成果展示 (Results Showcase):

  • 勝出作品將刊登在CanTone網站上,優秀作品未來有機會製成電子書在CanTone App上發布。

  • Winning entries will be published on the CanTone website, and outstanding works may have the opportunity to be made into e-books and published on the CanTone App.

文匯創融. 學生AI中文故事共創計劃.png
  • 如果您想讓您的學校參與我們的計劃,或希望了解更多信息,請聯繫我們。

  • If you would like your school to participate in our program or wish to learn more, please contact us.

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