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🎉📲 CanTone 應用程式在6月1日已經正式上架啦!

CanTone 是一款專為少數族裔幼兒而設的手機應用程式,透過 AI功能,讓孩子和家長在家中輕鬆學習說廣東話。🏠🗣️📚 專為少數族裔家長設計的用戶界面,讓您使用起來更得心應手。📱💡

CanTone現已在 App Store 可供下載!🌟🥳

🚀📣 立即下載 CanTone,與孩子一起在家中學習更多廣東話吧!💬🌟


🌍👦👧 CanTone App is now officially available on the App Store! 📲🎉

CanTone is a mobile app specially designed for ethnic minority kindergarten children. With AI functionality, children and parents can easily learn Cantonese at home. 🏠🗣️📚 The EM language user interface is tailored for EM parents, making it even more user-friendly. 📱💡

🚀📣 Download CanTone now and explore more Cantonese with your child at home! 💬🌟


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