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CanTone Venture Page on SIE Fund Website 🌐

🌟Hello everyone! The CanTone Venture Page has officially been published on the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) website! 🌐💡 As a catalyst for social innovation in Hong Kong, the SIE Fund fosters connections among businesses, NGOs, academics, and philanthropies to create lasting social impact 🤝🏙️. By addressing poverty and social exclusion through innovative solutions, the fund plays a vital role in building a more inclusive society. 🌈🌍 We're thrilled to be part of this amazing network and are excited to share our journey with you all! 🚀💫 Don't miss out – head over to the SIE Fund website, explore our CanTone Venture Page, and join us in making a difference! 🙌 #CanToneVenture #SIEFund #SocialInnovation #Startup #HongKong #CreatingImpact #PovertyAlleviation #InclusiveSociety


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