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🎈今個星期六(12/8)CanTone將會到 HOME Centre 為少數族裔小朋友帶來非華語故事班📚

🎈今個星期六(12/8)CanTone將會到 HOME Centre 為少數族裔小朋友帶來非華語故事班📚


🗓️ 日期:12/8(星期六)

⏰ 時間:11:00-13:00

👥 名額:10個

📍 地點:HOME Support Service Centre for

Ethnic Minorities

📝 查詢:WhatsApp 62267558 Ms Janice


🌍🌟 跨越語言的界限,我們的CanTone團隊希望在香港各個地區向少數族裔人士撒播粵語的種子!🌟🌱


如各機構有興趣合作,歡迎聯絡我們 📩


🎈📚This Saturday (12/8), CanTone will collaborate with #HOMECentre to bring an interesting Cantonese storytelling class for Ethnic Minority children in order to stimulate their interest in learning Cantonese and broaden their horizons. 🚀🌈

🗓️ Dates: 12/8 (Saturday)

⏰ Time: 11:00-13:00

👥 Quota: 10

📍 Venue: HOME Support Service Centre for

Ethnic Minorities

📝 Contact: WhatsApp 62267558 Ms Janice

🌟Participants will receive a special gift and a certificate of participation🌟

✅ CanTone Storytelling Class for Aug/Sep/Oct (single/multiple sessions) is now open for reservation

If any organizations are interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact: 📩


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